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Undiagnosed for undiscovered diseases

In 2019 alone, 250 new rare genetic diseases have been discovered.

A patient who failed to receive a diagnosis last month could receive a diagnosis this month from the newly discovered disease information.

About 10% of undiagnosed patients receive a diagnosis by regular reanalysis of the same genome data generated at the initial genetic test. The patients are mainly diagnosed with newly discovered rare genetic diseases (Liu P et al, 2019).


3billion provides clinical genetic testing on all 20,000+ genes encompassing 7,000+ rare genetic diseases at an affordable price for patients in need.

The test includes free reanalysis until patients are diagnosed without having to order extra tests for newly discovered diseases.

More than 9,500 rare disease patients with over 45,000 symptoms have been diagnosed.

Check out the diagnostic profiles of patients from 3billion having symptoms similar to you.

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