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Lifetime reanalysis until diagnosed

In a year, about 260 to 280 new rare genetic diseases are discovered.

Patients who have not been diagnosed last month are likely to be diagnosed this month with the newly discovered diseases.

About 15 to 30% of undiagnosed patients are diagnosed by re-analyzing the same genomic data generated by the initial genetic test. They are usually diagnosed with a newly discovered rare genetic disease (Liu P et al., 2019).

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3billion provides clinical genetic testing on all 20,000+ genes encompassing 7,000+ rare genetic diseases at an affordable price for patients in need.

The test includes free reanalysis until patients are diagnosed without having to order extra tests for newly discovered diseases.

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Don't know where to begin? Check out the list below - the most common symptoms for rare disease patients.

Intellectual disabilityGlobal developmental delaySeizuresGeneralized hypotoniaShort statureSmall head(Microcephaly)Hearing impairmentAbnormal facial shapeCurvature of spine(Scoliosis)

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    • Diagnostic profiles of patients having similar symptoms to yours.
    • Possible disease/gene information.

Let your physician know

Clinical genetic testing must be ordered by physicians. Let your physician consider 3billion’s rare disease genetic testing for your diagnosis.

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